Friday, July 4, 2014

Making the Trek: Leg 3

I am afraid I've failed you all as a blogger inasmuch as this post will not be accompanied by any other photos than this obligatory wing shot that I took right before shutting down my phone, owing to the fact that I needed to shut my phone down to turn off Verizon and start up Star Hub upon my return to Singapore, and the fact that I left my digital camera at home. But this will be a brief post, anyway.

After 11 hours and change, I've made it from San Francisco to South Korea. Singapore Airlines is my saving grace for these long hauls. I really can't sleep on planes aside from the occasional cat-nap, and I can't read in anything that moves (I was that kid who could get carsick before leaving the driveway). So I pass my time by watching movies. And Singapore Airlines is the airline for that. There are over 200 movies to choose from, which helps to pass the time, and as an added bonus, they feed you very regularly (2 hot meals on this flight and lots of snacks in between)! On this flight I watched Saving Mr. Banks, Brave, Juno, Monuments Men, and The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. Not a bad way to pass time! Meals included hot herb chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes, a cold salad, buttered roll, cheese, crackers, beverages of our choosing and ice cream for dessert. That was just ONE meal!

We do a 1-hour stopover in Seoul, South Korea, which is just enough time for the mandatory de-plane, security screening, freshen up a bit, and then to grab a chai tea from the Starbucks right next to the gate while I check my email and update my loyal readers.

In about 5 minutes I'll reboard the plane for the remaining 6 hour trip... what movies shall I watch this time?


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