Friday, January 25, 2013

Back to Singapore!

The view from my new apartment.
After a restful and joyous winter holiday, I find myself back in Singapore after a lovely day-and-a-half stopover in San Francisco. This really broke up the trip and allowed me to be far more rested upon arriving here. 

San Francisco highlights in a day-and-a-half:
More on the return trip to Buffalo in April!
During my time in San Francisco, I was sure to ride the cable cars to and from Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf (a few times!). I enjoyed lobster bisque at Nick's Lighthouse with the company of a few seagulls, hot chocolate at Ghirardelli Square, foggy views of the Golden Gate Bridge and some shopping time at the Ferry Building Marketplace. I topped my relaxing time off with dinner at Castagnola's with a view of the docks at night. Then I hopped aboard Singapore Airlines and had a delightful flight back to my "home-away-from-home." It felt good to be back!

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, after one week back I was sick by the weekend (monsoon season over here means everyone is fighting off SOMETHING) and was better but hoarse by Monday... then I foolishly pushed through a double-lecture on Tuesday. By Wednesday, I had completely lost my voice to laryngitis. 

No talking? No problem! My trusty
legal pad and I have PLENTY to say.
But not to worry (or rejoice too quickly, if you're in my classroom) - I am delivering lessons anyway via much student participation. As the students here are, as I've said before, a particularly witty and enthusiastic lot, this has not been a challenge at all. In fact, I feel they've risen to the occasion spectacularly.

The bigger challenge has been getting around a new country unaided by speech. Fortunately, I am a quick writer, and have substituted speaking with a legal pad and a Sharpie. After a five-day "Vow of Silence," my doctor tells me I can begin talking again - but keep my words to a minimum. My dad tells me I'm now the perfect daughter.

Loud pops of yellow, red and teal make a sunny place even brighter!
I've moved to Fusionopolis to try a new part of Singapore (and to benefit from a drastically reduced commute time to SIM). While Fusionopolis lacks some of the "coziness" that Fraser Suites offered, living in a chic urban loft apartment is a fantastic experience all its own. I brought - and was sent - a few items from home that added an extra dose of "sunshine", and I've come to love this quiet, scenic haven.

So watch for new posts to come of my day-to-day experiences: the little things that make life interesting, the big wow-moments that make it memorable and the joys in between that make it, well, a heck of an adventure!

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