Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Making the trek: Leg 1

When I tell people that I work in Singapore, I often get questions about the travel itself. What is it like? How long does it take? How do I keep from losing my mind? I thought I'd write a multi-part series of posts chronicling the travel process, and I'm going to try to keep it as "in real time" as logistics and increasing jetlag allow.

Let's address the first three questions:

1.) Arduous, but adventurous, too.
2.) From Buffalo to Singapore, or Singapore to Buffalo, about 30 hours total, give or take. But I always break it up.
3.) Food.

Today I started my day off right - with a breakfast out at Cracker Barrel with my mom and dad. They saw me off at the airport, and then I started on Leg 1. To keep my airfare falling within my allotted travel budget, I opt to take flights that have a few stopovers. This may not save time, but it does save money, and to be honest, I prefer to get off the plane and eat stretch my legs often, anyway. Domestically, I usually fly jetBlue Airlines or Southwest. Internationally, for these trips, at least, I fly Singapore Air. You'll see why when I get to those posts.

This morning I've just flown from Buffalo to Boston. I've gotten to know different airports by their food. I have a theory on traveling and food. All other days of my life, I try to save money. When I'm traveling and hungry, all bets are off. Here's the thing: You can eat fast food in the food court, but it is probably not going to be very good, and it's probably going to be pricey, anyway. Why not go to a nice sit-down restaurant and have a really decent meal? You're probably not going to look back at the end of the day and say, "Wow, I'm glad I saved $20 and ate that McWhatever for lunch." But you MIGHT look back and say, "Wow, that lobster roll was delicious!"

And if you're gonna be in Bahston, you really should be eating lahbstah.

So when I'm in Boston, I make the most out of my 2 hour layover and go to Boston Beerworks in the airport and get myself a lobster roll. You can't beat it. It's $17 well spent. And I always feel better about getting on a flight - especially a domestic flight where the food can be slim pickings - with a full, happy tummy.

Next leg: Boston to San Francisco! Oh, there's food to be had there, too!


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