Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Making the trek: Leg 2

Well, it's all part of travel, isn't it? Flights get delayed. We were ready to take off and the captain announced there was something wrong with one of the plane's tires and "planes need tires." So there was a delay. Then a rerouted flight plan to avoid some nasty weather. Long and the short of it, my 7:00 arrival turned into 8:30. By the time I got my bags,  got my shuttle and got to my hotel (trying the new boutique Club Quarters) it was 9:30pm.

My original plan had been to catch the F-line to Fisherman's Wharf and have chicken parm at Cioppino's... but remember, it feels like midnight now to my Buffalonian brain, so the Elephant & Castle pub adjoined to the hotel lobby looked pretty swell. Here's hoping for some decent pub grub!

I'll have to get my fill of San Francisco during a morning stroll for breakfast tomorrow before I begin Leg 3!

Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Hi Amanda! I'm following your trip from Buffalo-Singapore just to get an idea of travelling between two ends of the globe. It'll come in handy if I head over next fall. Perhaps you could share your experience or tips on transit flights if possible? Thanks for updating and looking forward to seeing you in school this summer! (:

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