Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Odd change...

I just emptied my wallet and found myself amused at what I have been carrying around in terms of coins. It made me pause for a moment and take in the bizarre, global lifestyle I'm so fortunate to be enjoying.

I've got American coins, from having just passed through San Francisco from Buffalo (no doubt change from buying some yummy falafel in the fabulous San Francisco airport), Korean coins, from my traditional 1-hour layover in South Korea (dash through customs, use the well-appointed rest room facilities, browse a gift shop or two then grab a latte from Starbucks to drink while I quickly check and respond to emails before reboarding the Singapore-bound plane), and naturally, lots of Singaporean coins - both this most current 2013 release and ones from years prior, from day-to-day spending. Change from Cold Storage, the grocery store I shop at, change from a vending machine selling isotonic drinks, change from a taxi driver (called "taxi uncles" here), change from the book store, change from a local kopi shop...

...And it also might explain why I've been so stymied when, under pressure, I've tried digging in my wallet for change for purchases!


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