Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year!

Hand-cut paper art representing the Year of the Horse
I'm going to blend New Year customs and celebrate the incoming Year of the Horse with a resolution: I shall make the time to update my blog more regularly so I can keep on sharing my experiences living and teaching in Singapore. To do this, I've come up with an idea: Shorter, more regular posts.

New Year gift from Fraser Place
When I write posts that attempt to capture every. single. experience. that I have in a given semester, they become very long posts. Then, I feel like each time I write, I must achieve the same length and breadth of the previous post. Then, when I find myself getting super busy (which just seems to happen a lot!) I just don't post at all.

I'm planning to break this chain! So expect more regular posts, but short 'n sweet! Like this one on Chinese New Year.

The year of the snake is on its way out, and the year of the horse has begun! Red and gold decorations have turned Singapore into a blazing, dazzling display of festivity. I returned from school the other day to a gift from Fraser Place, the serviced apartment that is generously provided for us.

The package contained traditional shortbread cookies (yum!!!), two oranges (two being an auspicious number) and two plush, winking oranges.

Last night I went to dinner with a past student, Zena. We went for dim sum on Sentosa Island and took an after-dinner stroll to see these gorgeous, massive horse lanterns up close. They're absolutely stunning.

Larger-than-life horse lanterns on Sentosa Island
Stay tuned for more updates on my life in the Lion City!


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