Monday, October 27, 2014

Autumn videos from home

Autumn is my favorite season in Western New York, and I miss it sorely while I'm here in Singapore. I miss the changing of the seasons as a whole, to be honest, and the shortening days, the turning leaves, the gradual crispness that comes to the air and the descent into the cold, dark, cozy winter is a journey that I enjoy every year.

Knowing this, my mom sends me an annual Autumn video. She's awfully creative and a really good storyteller, and I thought I'd share her handiwork with you. Whether you're a Singaporean who is curious about what Autumn is all about, or an American expat who would like a little reminder of home, these videos are for you. 

We start with this year's "Autumn Colors in the Country;" set to The Violet Hour by the Civil Wars, this video evokes the haunting, ancient rhythm of the winding down of the year, the twilight that ushers in the night of winter.

We continue on to "Autumn Days;" set to the O'Neill Brothers' rendition of the old Quaker hymn Simple Gifts, this video shares the simple gifts we see as we take in one autumn day from dawn to dusk to moonlit night.

Finally, we end with "An Autumn Drive", set to Rod Stewart's rendition of Blue Skies. This video invites you along on a convertible drive - with the seat warmers on, because it's chilly! - past the neighboring houses and farms to enjoy the rustic beauty and whimsy of this time of year.

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do!

DISCLAIMER: The music you hear in these videos are songs that my mom purchased. She means no copyright infringement in placing them as the soundtrack to her autumn pictures and I mean no copyright infringement by sharing her home videos on my personal blog. If you like the songs you heard in these video clips, please follow the link on each song title and download the songs from Amazon for as little as $0.99! If you feel I am violating a copyright that you hold, please send me a private email message and I will remove the video immediately. Thanks!


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