Thursday, April 4, 2013


I really can't believe how fast this semester went. However, I have news: I have signed another one-year contract with SIM-UB, so I will be here for another year! My intent is to be a lot more regular with my blog posts. This semester was positively a whirl-wind. Let me catch you up, loyal readers, on the happenings of my life on this side of the planet.

Immediately after regaining my voice, we had Chinese New Year week off from classes. My mom and dad flew from Buffalo to Japan so that we could all spend time with our friends, my "Japanese Parents" for eight wonderful days. I co-wrote a series of blog posts with my "Japanese mother," Nozomi, in her travel blog. She wanted to capture the sight-seeing we all did together around her country, so she collected hers and her husband's photos, my photos, and my mom's photos, and compiled them into a great series of posts. Then she sent them to me and asked me to add my commentary. Click on the captions below the collages to read about my adventures in Japan.

"Amanda's Family Visit to Japan"

"Japanese House"


"Tokyo and Yokohama"




"Golden Pavilion"

"Kiyomizu Temple"

"Sagano & Arashiyama"

"Uzumasa Movie Village"

It's impossible to sum up this trip with words or photos. We had so many breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and we enjoyed one another's company for all of these moments, which was the greatest gift of all. I hope to return to Japan next year, and Nozomi, Tetsuji and my mom and dad and I also hope to travel in the future again together as we made a great group of travel companions!


Naoko said...

Hi Amanda,
this is Naoko from Japan. I really enjoyed talking with you when you came to my work place, salad dishes shop at Ofuna station. I have been looking forward to reading your new post about Japan and the photo, so I am really happy to find the photo of me with a sweet comment, a little bit embrrassed though:) Thank you so much. On the day I saw you I tried to leave a comment here, but I failed. I hope I can make it this time!

With best withes,
Naoko Choja

Amanda Lohiser said...

Hi Naoko! It's so nice to get a comment from you on my blog! I'm happy I've finally gotten my post up - it's been a busy semester! You were such a wonderful "first impression" for me of the warm, friendly people of Japan! Thank you for reading my blog and Nozomi's blog! It means so much to me! Stay in touch! =D

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