Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas - from the other OTHER side of the world!

On 27 November I began the 25 hours of air travel that would bring me home. From the moment the plane touched down in Buffalo, I was swooped into the embrace of friends and family. I feel so lucky. I'm in a really great place right now - thrilled to be home, thrilled to be returning to Singapore again in January. Until then, though, I've been enjoying lots of holiday cheer...

First things first: The tree was up and glistening when I arrived home, and we
decorated it  soon thereafter! Our family tree has an angel theme, celebrating angels of all types.

I enjoyed visiting with customers at my mom's Holiday Open House for her American Doll Boutique.
I've been going to craft shows with her since I was in a bassinet behind her display, so this was
a part of my life rhythm that I missed while away. Visits with shoppers was a fun way to reconnect.

Candles in the window: A traditional American custom that represents
love, welcome and appreciation of family, hearth and home.

An interesting adjustment was how early it gets dark here. At 3:30, twilight begins and by
4:30-5, it's dark. I loved seeing our doggie tracks in the snow.  Far right is Christy - straight
out and straight back as the crow flies. Skipper is in the middle. Straight out, but using the
sidewalk like a civilized creature. Then to the left is my Ginny. In circles, all around, like a
bumblebee.  She nearly made it!

The tree glistens in the window, the wood shed is well stocked, and while cardinals
and nuthatches snack on seed and suet, a couple of crows dine on discarded
cornbread scattered in the snow. 

Christmas cookies! Our family recipes for gingerbread and sugar cookies have been passed down
through the generations, and are still as temptingly yummy today as they were then!

Snow clouds are gathering... six inches (~15 cm) expected
by Wednesday! I'm getting a white Christmas!

And of course, I've enjoyed plenty of snuggles with Miss Ginny, who I've missed terribly! I'm heartened
to know that she has been spoiled ROTTEN by her Nana and Grandpa... in true grandpuppy fashion!
So, I bring this post to a close with warmest wishes for the merriest of Christmases, happiest of holidays, and most joyous of New Years. Enjoy every minute with your friends and loved ones. Tell them you love them. Cherish the time together and savor in the memories. I know that's what I've got planned for my winter break back home in Buffalo!


Nozomi said...

I love this post! I am glad to hear how wonderful holidays you have in Buffalo, and I missed your house and Sandie's cookies! You look very happy with Ginny!

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